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Welcome to GoLakeChapala.com, your Guide to the lifestyle, cuisine and magic of Lake Chapala, Mexico’s ‘Fountain of Youth’!

More than one hundred years ago Lake Chapala, Jalisco was a destination for the elites including artists and writers from Mexico, Europe, England, Canada the United States and Latin America, including D.H. Lawrence who found inspiration at Lake Chapala as far back as 1923.  A jewel in the crown of Mexico, Lake Chapala continues to be an escape for many people young and old and is comprised of elegant homes and ranches with stunning views of Mexico’s largest and most beautiful fresh water lake.  Often described as Mexico’s ‘Fountain of Youth’ due to a climate similar to California or the Mediterranean, its beautiful scenic views, natural mineral hot water springs, and the youthful attitude of the area’s residents Lake Chapala is a sought after destination from people all over the world.

Surrounded by picturesque villages and towns such as Ajijic, Chapala, San Antonio, San Juan Cosala, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jocotopec and more, it is a draw for those looking to live a healthy lifestyle away from crowds and big cities as well as for those looking to reinvent themselves. Join us and discover the beauty and mystery that is Lake Chapala.

10 Reasons To Visit Lake Chapala

Culture:  Lake Chapala is located in the central Mexican state of Jalisco which has a rich blend of influences from native Indian communities and Europeans settlers from Spain, Germany and France, as well as American, British and Canadian ex-pats.  The fusion of these cultures has created beautiful ancient churches, magical towns and an exciting blend of people, sights and sounds that will welcome and intrigue you.

Access:  Guadalajara international airport has multiple daily direct flights from major US and Canadian cities.  The average flight time for a direct Los Angeles to Guadalajara flight is approximately three hours.  On arrival it is a brief 25 minute taxi ride to Lake Chapala.

Value: The strong Dollar and Euro exchange rate against the Mexican peso makes restaurant dining such an extraordinary value you will want to double check the bill to see if the waiter forgot to charge you for something.  Many other services from excellent hotels, medical care, plastic surgery and dentistry often cost 30% – 50% less than the same quality of qualified care found in the USA or Canada.

History:  Lake Chapala is hidden inside an ancient volcanic crater.  As you drive from the airport the road climbs until suddenly the 417 square mile lake comes into view appearing like an ocean surrounded by villages and towns that disappear off into the far horizon.  There are many towns and villages to choose from, we recommend your first stop is the charming and magical village of Ajijic.

Climate: The weather is comparable to a Mediterranean or Californian climate.  Lake Chapala is 5000 feet above sea level.  During the month of May the weather is hot and dry until July when the rainy season cools temperatures down, the hillside become green and enchanting and life abounds in this beautiful environment.

Communication:  Many Mexican people in the Lake Chapala speak English. High speed internet is widely available.  Cell and landline calls between Mexico, the US and Canada are billed as local calls.

Variety: There are many interesting small villages and towns, each with their own unique character, dotted around Lake Chapala. From traditional Mexican fishing villages such as San Juan Cosala that retains a sense of classic Mexico, to the more internationally influenced villages such as Ajijic or San Antonio known for their broad assortment of restaurants with international cuisine and art galleries.. Many Lake Chapala towns and villages have weekly farmers markets and frequent events throughout the year that all visitors need to see and experience.

Gateway:  Lake Chapala is the perfect geographical starting point for exploring Mexico’s other treasures.

Safety: The State of Jalisco including the Lake Chapala area is considered generally safe and secure.  As with any country or city that you may visit, take the same normal commonsense precautions when traveling.

Welcoming: The people of Lake Chapala welcome all visitors and families with children, as well as anybody that defines themselves as a minority or LGBTQ. The Lake Chapala expatriate community is notable because there are many easily accessible social events and organizations which are open and inclusive of anybody that wants to participate.